Buy British – Why it’s more relevant than ever

This year has thrown up a lot of challenges for businesses and with goal posts ever moving it has certainly been a year of continual change. In these times of challenge and change Twoey, as a UK manufacturer, has been able to quickly adapt production and supply to meet the demands of our customers. It’s not been easy, but we have certainly risen to the challenge during 2020 in true Twoey style.

Why Does Buying British Make a Difference?

There are so many benefits to buying British made products for both trade customers, schools, and Early Years settings. This year has demonstrated how we have been able to maintain supply of our product ranges with minimal interruptions, when many businesses closed their doors. We aren’t reliant on imported products with potentially long shipping delays and can continue to offer reliable and consistent lead times. We feel this is going to become a real point of difference in the coming year, as the political situation will inevitably affect supply into the UK.

We have been very excited to introduce our new ‘Twoey Express’ range this year, which enables us to offer our customers a core range of products delivered within 5 working days. We currently have 75 lines in this range which gives customers a wide choice with immediate stock availability. We can provide a fast turnaround service difficult to rival if relying on overseas supply.

During 2020 when Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines changed education beyond recognition, Twoey noted and responded to the changing requirements of schools and settings. We introduced a new MDF with an anti-bacterial melamine faced surface to help reduce the presence of germs, tested to ISO 22196. This helps reduce cross contamination.

The benefits of an In-house Design Team

In our factory in Wigton, Cumbria we are very proud of our Design Department! This is where all our products are skillfully designed and engineered by our experienced design team. By listening to feedback from customers, buyers and educators, we respond by developing new products and updating existing products to meet current needs.

Team Twoey have a strong environmental conscience and always consider the impact on the environment when designing new products. We do what we can to minimise material waste and develop products that are robust and have longevity in design and build quality. Our furniture is made from sustainable materials and all packaging is recycled and recyclable.

In addition, all Twoey furniture comes with excellent warranties, 10 years for all indoor furniture and 5 years for outdoor furniture. We also offer spare parts with a very efficient and friendly customer service.

So… What’s so special about the Twoey Factory?

Well, firstly we are a family business and have a very skilled, multi-generational team who live and breathe all things Twoey!  We are very proud to be a local employer in Cumbria and take the responsibility of our committed and loyal workforce very seriously. Our priority is always our staff and customers and we continually work hard to look after both, especially during these unique and challenging times we find ourselves

We run a very efficient and stream-lined factory. In fact the factory floor is spotlessly clean (literally!) which for a furniture manufacturer is pretty impressive. The production team runs a program of continuous improvement and are ever evolving our processes to implement the latest technology and machinery. Twoey always strives to improve production efficiencies to benefit our customers.

Twoey has been manufacturing furniture for over 26 years, and with that wealth of experience and our proven high quality products we are very proud of our industry reputation. All our furniture and resources are designed and made with both children and settings in mind and not only that, they are built to last.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please email or call 016973 49774 / +44 16973 49774 as we would be delighted to answer any queries you may have.