Creating Safe Spaces – Inside and Out

In what continues to be a very challenging time for early years settings children are gradually moving back into learning environments with a new kind of ‘normal’ being established. The social distancing requirement has totally changed how children come together in what would ordinarily be very open plan spaces.

Children and staff are being asked to change the way they interact and play together, and settings are having to adapt quickly to bring children back into these learning spaces in a safe way.

At Twoey we understand that safety is a priority for everyone and being able to easily divide up rooms and spaces to accommodate social ‘bubbles’ within the current social distancing rules is key. The guidelines will likely keep changing as we ease out of lockdown, so it is important to have flexibility and versatility when creating new spaces so they can evolve in line with the changes.

How can Twoey Help…

Twoey have a unique and wide range of indoor and outdoor fencing panels and fencing sets. The fencing panels very simply link together for the ultimate in flexibility and mobility. Also the additional feature panels include a mirror/blackboard panel, clear perspex panel and archways for added interest and versatility. You can even add window boxes to fill with whatever you fancy!

Fencing panel sets are available with extra feature panels.

The Solway Range of furniture range gives the ultimate in multi-functional storage and versatility. This aesthetic and robust range can be locked together so it is safer for children as they play and explore, in the way that only children do. It is very simple to unlock and move around whenever you want to reconfigure into a different arrangement.

For a quick and easy way to divide a space, we have a range of role play panels that are ideal for making an instant play space whilst also creating a visual barrier. Choose from the bus or car panels in single or double formats. The all have a dry wipe/black board area to enhance role play further.

Double bus panel

Inside and Outside…

When space is in demand it is important to use all available spaces, both inside and out. Encouraging children to play and learn outside is something early years settings have always positively promoted but now, more than ever, it is highly important to use your outside space as efficiently as possible.

Our extensive Twoey Outside range is ideal for creating separation when children are playing outdoors. It can be left outside whatever the weather as it’s made from 100% weatherproof material. There are a range of additional feature panels with all inside and outside ranges.

Twoey Outdoor fencing set with blackboard panel and window boxes

Multi-functional and mobile furniture…

At Twoey we are very proud to manufacture all our products in our factory in Wigton, Cumbria. Being a UK manufacturer has never been more valuable than right now, as we are able to quickly

react to demand and offer what our customers are asking for.

All ranges are designed to be simple to fit together and take apart, with lockable castors available on most ranges to enhance mobility when creating flexible spaces. If you have existing Twoey furniture all new designs will fit with existing ranges and can be utilised after lockdown.

Easy to Clean…

Keeping furniture clean is incredibly important and with Covid-19 this has never been more paramount. All of our ranges can be easily wiped down and we are now going an extra step further by changing to a new melamine faced MDF with an anti-bacterial surface. This new material shows a reduction in the presence of germs when tested to ISO 22196 and is being introduced on all melamine products as standard over the next few weeks.

We are delighted Twoey has been able to remain open since lockdown was introduced. Our priority is always our staff customers and we are working hard to look after both during these unique and challenging times.

If you would like more information on any of the above please emai or call 016973 49774/+44 16973 49774 as we would be delighted to answer any queries you might have.