Embrace all things Autumn, now the clocks have gone back…

October was a month of big change and resets. As the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter it’s a time to celebrate the changes and get creative with some cosy, Autumnal play.

When it starts to get cold outside creating cosy, calm spaces can be a great way for children to feel safe and grounded. Den’s have a natural appeal and give the opportunity for some individual, reflective time out. Having a selection of books and sensory objects nearby is useful for children to access inside a den space, and promote some quiet reading or relaxation.

S-1442-07 Reading Den Zone

At this time of year nature is very generous and provides lots of beautiful resources for some simple craft activities. Collecting leaves, conkers, seeds, sticks…there’s so much to use as inspiration and free materials too. It’s a great way to combine outdoor nature hunts with indoor activities and play.

Having a space where children can bring in their found items and play with them isn’t always easy and it can be hard to contain. A sorting table is perfect for this and encourages children to examine objects and sort them into groups. Developing observational skills and logical thinking are important stages in development.

S-1281-07 Loose Parts & Construction Zone

Autumn lends itself well to incorporating the use of reference books in activities. Learning to identify leaves and seeds by cross referencing with images in books is a valuable skill, and finding out tree names and facts is a good introduction to research and fact-finding, and utilises children’s natural curiosity.

S-1440-07 Free Standing Book & Storage Unit

The changing of the clocks can disrupt everyone’s routine and sleep pattern, not just children’s! So trying to transition through this adjustment can be tricky. There’s the adjustment with a reduction in daylight time but also with temperature too, and rising energy costs make keeping warm a challenge. Lots of blankets, cushions in nurturing, cosy spaces can help children learn how to regulate their temperature.

S-6940-15 Den with Canopy & Curtains

There are so many exciting and seasonal art and crafts opportunities in October and November, with Halloween and Bonfire night being a prefect canvas. Whilst messy play and creativity go hand in hand it is always useful to have an area where these materials are organised and stored for children to access.

S-1430-07 Free Standing Arts & Crafts Station

With all of this to look forward to who doesn’t love Autumn?!

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