Making the most of Autumnal Play Opportunities

Why Outdoor Play is so Important?

Playing outside with other children is an important part of a child’s development in so many respects. Children can learn many new skills including imaginative play, problem solving and creative thinking along with vital communication and social skills.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Play?

Sensory experiences are so important for development and nature is a great context for children to experience a different range of textures and materials. Getting their hands in and playing with mud, sand, water and leaves creates sensory experiences that children will learn from.

Creative and imaginative play is all about free play..! Using natural materials to represent everyday objects can promote and develop a child’s imagination and creativity. When children play outside they can roleplay different characters and locations inspired by the outdoor environment. Nature really does provide the perfect blank canvas!

Social play comes very naturally when children play outside as the space offers a range of opportunities to play games and activities where children can play together. Working out how to interact with other children and sharing the experience with others can be very connecting.

Being outside is a very physical experience and one that is important to help regulate a child’s biological clock. Nature gives a perfect balance to time spent on screens and slows down the fast paced modern world we all live in and generally will improve a child’s health and well-being.

New Twoey Outside Toddler Range

We have recently launched a brand new range of outdoor toddler equipment, specifically designed to promote the development of children’s play skills in an age appropriate way for under 2’s. The range is made from 100% weatherproof Duraply to withstand whatever the weather throws at it and means children can access the equipment all year round.

  • Outdoor Move-along Mirror has been developed to encourage children to sit, crawl or walk along the mirrored base whilst exploring their own and other reflections, developing an awareness of themselves.
  • Outdoor Low-Level Kitchen and Discovery Unit are both practical, standalone pieces which also work alongside each other to create a messy play zone, perfect for imaginary and sensory play. The Discovery Unit comes with a removable tray tough enough to hold water, mud, sand or any other materials for children to play in.
  • Outdoor Playhouse has been thoughtfully designed to include four windows, a blackboard, mirror and engraved height chart for children to measure themselves against.

Twoey Eco-Credentials

Looking after the planet for future generations and protecting our outdoor environment is a responsibility Twoey take very seriously. Where possible we consider our environmental impact in both the manufacturing process and also our working environment.

All of our MDF and Ply products are sourced from sustainable raw material supply. All packaging is recycled and recyclable, and we have two dedicated onsite skips for recycling.

Inside the Twoey factory is an onsite biomass burner for production waste in the factory which dramatically reduces waste going to landfill, and also heats the shop floor during cold times of the year. The factory cladding and roofing is a highly efficient composite material which has excellent insulation and heat retention properties. All factory lighting is now LED reducing electricity usage by around 70% over previous factory lighting.

In addition to all the measures already in place, we are currently considering a large investment in solar panels at the factory using all our available roof space potentially reducing our annual carbon footprint significantly.

Wherever you live, the natural world is a great leveller and it can be very grounding for both children and adults to find physical connections to the earth and the planet we live in.

Let’s do what we can to preserve our planet and be kind to it..!