New Toddle Range by Twoey

Lovingly designed for the under 3’s with children and early years’ settings in mind.

Oh to be 3 again..! What a great age, when the world is one big adventure and a diverse learning experience. Everything is new, waiting to be played with and explored.

As suppliers of furniture and resources in this unique and exciting world, Twoey’s aim is always to enhance this early stage of development by stimulating the natural, inbuilt curiosity that children have. We want to feed their young and developing imagination, and use this opportunity to grow their enthusiasm for learning.

Toddle Duo Activity Station

We believe our furniture is a lot more than just ‘furniture’. It is actually a learning tool where children can develop new skills and practice social relationships. It is a blank canvas for the imagination and of course it’s also a functional piece of equipment that has to work in any early years’ setting.

Toddle Art Storage Range

So, it’s complicated! But the challenge of combining all of these elements is what makes our job really exciting. We have a very experienced team in our factory in Wigton, Cumbria. From the design team to production, from sales to customer service we all have a role in developing what we think is a very original and stimulating range of products, and we have enormous pride in what we do.

The new Toddle range by Twoey, is definitely all of the above. It brings together so many opportunities for children’s learning and development, in a visual, affordable, safe and stimulating way. It’s been designed as a very multi-functional range of furniture to optimise storage, function and children’s imagination, all at the same time.

The role play car and bus panels are so simple with their uncluttered design and natural styling that they enable children to make them their own. The bus can be driving children to school or it could be going to the seaside, or maybe it’s a Space Bus with turbo rockets and going to the Moon. Who are we to say it has to be red and go to the shops?

Toddle Single Bus Panel – with blackboard and drywipe inserts

In addition to the low key aesthetics, the panels have been designed with a drywipe board and blackboard panel on either side. This gives endless opportunities for communication and language by encouraging mark making and early writing skills. It can also be a way of introducing some early numeracy, or igniting creative skills by sharing ideas through art and drawing. But it doesn’t stop there, in addition to all of these great features, the panels take up very little space and can be easily packed away and stored flat when they aren’t being used. We really do try to think of everything!

And then of course there’s price, which we know is so very important at the moment with tight purse strings and school budgets having to be eternally stretched. The good news is we have made this new range incredible value for money, the quality of our materials and manufacturing is unrivalled, all of the range is made from covered MDF with bull nosed edges and PU coated 100% polyester fabric. It’s durable, safe and built to withstand the varied demands of enthusiastic toddlers.

Just look for the Twoey stamp to give you confidence in our quality and brand.

The Twoey logo stamp is a sign of design, quality and craftsmanship.

We are very proud of our new Toddle range, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed designing and developing it.

Oh to be 3 again..!

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