Ready for Back to School?

Here’s how Twoey can help you prepare for September

With September approaching fast, and plans for children to return to school and settings underway there’s lots to consider and plan for. As most children have been locked down for months without the usual routine and boundaries school gives. There’s a growing concern for children’s well being and mental health.

There are different ways to support those children who may find it difficult returning to school and reconnecting with their teachers and peers. Using multi-sensory and tactile resources can be a positive way to engage children and offer therapeutic benefits too.

Twoey Glo Range

Twoey have a unique range of multi-sensory, glow in the dark resources designed to help soothe and calm children, whilst stimulating their senses in a therapeutic way. The Twoey Glo range includes light sensitive fabric which doesn’t need a power source as it uses a UV torch to make glow in the dark marks and shapes. Once the torch has been used, turn off the light as that’s when the magic happens…it lights up in the dark..!

Twoey Glo fabric is activated using sunlight or a small LED torch

The Glo range includes a selection of Glo Boards for tracing letters and shapes, simple mark making and writing words. Along with this there are glow in the dark cushions and materials that can create a calming environment, in a large or small space. Children will never get bored of this very magical and engaging experience, which is perfect for children struggling with other areas of play or learning.

Twoey Learning Range

We have developed a diverse and tactile range of classroom resources to support the early years and Primary curriculum. Never has it been more important to capture and hold children’s attention after this extended period of disrupted learning than now. Using eye catching and engaging resources is a good way to reintroduce curriculum based learning and excite children about being back in the classroom.

Twoey Learning – Healthy Lunchbox

Multi-functional and mobile furniture

At Twoey we understand that safety is a priority for everyone and being able to easily divide up rooms and spaces to accommodate social ‘bubbles’ is key. It is important to have flexibility and versatility when creating new spaces so they can evolve in line with changing guidelines, as schools and settings return in September. All ranges are designed to be simple assemble and disassemble giving flexibility when creating bespoke spaces.

Twoey Inside – Solway Furniture Range

Twoey are proud to manufacture all our products in our factory in Wigton, Cumbria. Being a UK manufacturer has never been more valuable than right now, as we are able to react to demand and offer what our customers are asking for.

Easy to clean

Keeping furniture and equipment clean is incredibly important and with Covid-19 this is now paramount. All of our ranges can be easily wiped down and we are going an extra step by introducing a new melamine faced MDF with an anti-bacterial surface to reduce the presence of germs, tested to ISO 22196. All fabric used in the Twoey Learning range is machine washable and Twoey Glo products can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes and mild detergent, all helping limit the spread of germs.

Our priority is always our staff, customers and the young people using our products. We continue to work hard to consider the safety of everyone during these unique and challenging times.